Month: June 2019

Shortlisted Applicants (21-June-2019)

Shortlisted Applicants for the post of Advisor, World Bank:

Sl# Name EID PT PL Agency
1 Karma Dorji 2101175 CFO P1 A JDWNRH
2 Deki Wangmo 2001010 CBO P1 A DNB, MoF
3 Budhiman Rai 2001009 CAO P1 A DPA, MoF
4 Lhaden Lotay 2001008 CPO P1 A DMEA, MoF
5 Munesh Sharma 2101185 CFO P1 A MoE
6 Norbu Dendup 9711007 CPO P1 A DMEA, MoF
7 Ugyen Norbu 9711003 Collector P1 A DRC, MoF

The interview is scheduled on 24 June 2019 at 2:00 PM at Conference Hall, Ministry of Finance, Tashichho Dzong. The applicants must produce all the relevant documents in original during the time of interview.

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Notification (14-June-2019)

In line with the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Policy 2016 and PPP Rules and Regulation 2017, the Ministry is pleased to issue the following documents for effective implementation of PPP Projects:

  1. Guidelines for PPP Project
  2. PPP Standard Bidding Document;
  3. a. Request for Expression of Interest (EoI)
    b. Request for Proposal (One-Stage)
    c. Request for Proposal (Two-Stage)
    d. Request for Qualifications

  4. Standard Heads of Agreements;
  5. a. Availability Fee Based PPP
    b. User Fee Based PPP

  6. PPP Screening Tool Manual

The notification shall come into force from the date of issue.

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