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Public Notifications by Dept. of Macroeconomic Affairs

Call for Government Bond subscription (5-Sept-2020)

A 3-year bond of Nu.3,000 million with an annual coupon rate of 6.5% in the name of the Royal Government of Bhutan are offered for public subscription through Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan.

The submission of subscription application will be opened from 7th September 2020 till 22nd September 202 (12 noon).

The application for subscription should be submitted via email/sealed envelope to:

  • Director, Department of Banking, RMA (email:, or
  • Chief Accounts Officer, Department of Banking, RMA (email:

Please read the offer document before submitting the application for subscription of the Government Bond. Offer document and the Subscription Application Form can be downloaded below:

Visit RMA website( for further details.

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Notification (14-June-2019)

In line with the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Policy 2016 and PPP Rules and Regulation 2017, the Ministry is pleased to issue the following documents for effective implementation of PPP Projects:

  1. Guidelines for PPP Project
  2. PPP Standard Bidding Document;
  3. a. Request for Expression of Interest (EoI)
    b. Request for Proposal (One-Stage)
    c. Request for Proposal (Two-Stage)
    d. Request for Qualifications

  4. Standard Heads of Agreements;
  5. a. Availability Fee Based PPP
    b. User Fee Based PPP

  6. PPP Screening Tool Manual

The notification shall come into force from the date of issue.

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Notification on Rename of PED (19-Dec-2016)

This it to inform that the erstwhile “Public Enterprise Division (PED)” under the Ministry of Finance (MoF) is now renamed as the “Investment and Corporate Governance Division (ICGD)” under the Department of Macroeconomic Affairs (DMEA), MoF. Therefore, all concerned are requested to refer any corresponding related to ICGD to the Director, DMEA.

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