Finance Secretaries

The First Finance Secretary
Dasho Dorji Tshering

FS1 He was also appointed as the Secretary of Finance in 1968 and served till 1983.

The Second Finance Secretary
Dasho Nado Rinchen

fs2 He was initially appointed as the Joint Secretary from the 1st of January 1986 and was promoted in 1988 and served as the Finance Secretary till November 1989.

The Third Finance Secretary
Dasho Yeshey Zimba

FM3 He was also initially appointed as the Joint Secretary in 1991. He was promoted as the Finance Secretary in the year 1994 and served as the Secretary till 1997. Thereafter he was appointed the Deputy Finance Minister till July 1998.

The Fourth Finance Secretary
Dasho Wangdi Norbu

FM4 He was appointed the Secretary of Ministry on 01/01/2000. He served as the Finance Secretary for a period of about three and half years, till July 2003. Prior to this appointment, he served as the Auditor General.

The Fifth Finance Secretary
Dasho Yangki T. Wangchuk

fs5 She was formally appointed as the Finance Secretary on the 4th of September 2003. Prior to the appointment, Aum Yanki had served as the Director General of the Department of Aid and Debt Management as well as the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Finance.

The Sixth Finance Secretary
Dasho Lam Dorji

fs6 He was the former Planning Secretary, before being appointed as the Finance Secretary. Former Secretary, Dasho Yanki T Wangchuk handed over charges to present secretary on 19th March 2008. He worked as Director, Department of Budget and Accounts for seven years (1997-2003) before his transfer to the Planning Commission Secretariat till 2007.

The Seventh Finance Secretary
Dasho Nim Dorji

FS7 Dasho Nim Dorji was appointed by His Majesty the King as the new Finance Secretary on 14th July, 2016.
Prior to his appointment, Dasho served as Director General of Department of Agriculture in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. He also served as the Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Finance.
Dasho started his career in 1989 as trainee officer in the Ministry of Finance. He became the Director of Department of Public Accounts in 2007 and the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Finance in 2012.
He holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Canberra, Australia.

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