Department of Procurement and Properties

Vision: Fair and Transparent public procurement and property management towards strengthening Public Financial Management

Mission: Strengthen strategic national procurement and property management towards effective and efficient public expenditure management.

 Administration and Support Section (ASS)

The ASS consist of 4 sections which are, the Administration Section, Finance Section, Procurement Section which support the overall functioning of the department and the Govt. Chadrig Section catering to the service for all National functions and meetings, etc.

  1. Procurement Management and Development Division (PMDD);
  2. Central Procurement and Property Management Division;

The CPPMD is a function within the overall Procurement system development approved by  Royal Civil Service Commission with following mandates:

  • Develop and Promulgate implementing regulations, methodologies and guidelines for central procurement.
  • Review and formulation of Policy, guidelines and manage Central Procurement;
  • Review and formulation of government Property Management policies and  Standards and management of government properties;and 
  • Manage and Conduct Public Auction for disposal of government properties after useful life

        CPPMD  three sections with mandates outlined below:

1.Central Procurement Section(CPS).The CPS has following main mandates:

  • Develop and Promulgate implementing regulations,methodologies and guidelines for central procurement;
  • Formulate, review and propose central procurement policies and regulations and guidelines
  • Monitoring and evaluation of centralized  procurement
  • Manage Centralized Goods & Services
  1. Government Inventory Management System(GIMS) with mandates to:
  • Formulate,review and propose property management policies and guidelines;
  • provide to procuring agencies, advice and guidance on the interpretation and application of the Property Management Manual(PMM);
  • Manage and Monitor the implementation of Government Inventory Management System(GIMS);
  • Provide Training to the user Agencies on GIMS;
  • Rental Assessment of private houses for government office space hiring.

      3.Auction Section(AS) mandated to:

  • Manage and Conduct Public Auction for disposal of government properties after useful life;
  • Safe Custody of Surrendered Government Properties until disposal;
  • Report collection for the auction conducted by embassy and agencies;
  • provide  advice and guidance on the assessment of scrap value for Government properties
  1. Fine Arts and Crafts Division (FACD)

 The FACD was an integral part of the Ministry of Finance since the ministries’ inception. It was clubbed with the DNP sometime in 1999. It consists of various artisans involved in the production of traditional artifacts and meets the government’s requirement for traditional goods. With modernization creeping into every aspect of our Bhutanese way of life, it is paramount that this division receives attention so as not to let it dwindle and fizzle out.

This division consists of the following sections each catering to their own specific tasks.

  • Painting and Sculpting Section
  • Gold Smith Section
  • Bronze Casting Section
  • Embroidering Section
  1. Engineering Service Division (ESD)

The Engineering Service Division Consists of two major sections: Ministerial Enclave Section (MES) and Gyelyong Tshogkhang Section (GTS). The rest of the workforce is divided into people working for the maintenance of government buildings/offices, palaces and royal gardens. Ministerial Enclave Section looks after the routine maintenance and new construction works at Ministerial Enclave area while Gyelyong Tshogkhag is mandated to look after the routine maintenance and new construction at Gyelyong Tshogkhang area which consists of significant State buildings such as National Assembly of Bhutan, National Council of Bhutan, Cabinet Secretariat, Prime minister’s office etc, provides technical services during NA and NC sessions for sound, light and voting systems and preparatory works etc. Additionally, the section also caters routine services to the  Privy Council which is located at Kuengachiling, Motithang, Thimphu. 

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