Property Management Rules (PMR) 2022

Property Management Rules 2022

Simplifies Procurement Rules and Regulations

Simplified Procurement Rules and Regulations 2021

Refund of excess Customs Duty Rules

Vehicle Import Quota Rules

Rules on the Property Ownership Transfer Tax Act

Rules and procedures of the independent review body

Revenue Rules

Constituency Development Rules

Procurement Rules and Regulations 2019

Public Private Partnership Rules & Regulations 2017

Rules on Income Tax Act

Rules on Fiscal Incentives Act of Bhutan 2017

Rules and Regulations on Fiscal Incentives 2010

Regulations Relating to the possession of Assets and Properties outside Bhutan by Bhutanese Citizens

Rules of Procedure for Finance and Audit Committee

Revised Sales Tax Rules on vehicle at PoS

Rules and Regulations on Issuance of Government Bond

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