Department of Public Accounts


Excellence in the government financial management through enhanced professionalism.


Ensure prudent use of public resources through judicious expenditure management efficient fiscal transfers and treasury operations with highest degree of competence.


• Integrity
• Objectivity
• Transparency
• Accountability
• Professionalism


Roles and Responsibilities

The Department of Public Accounts shall have a sound government accounting system with professional finance personnel based on the following principles as laid down in the Public Finance Act of Bhutan.

  • (a) Efficiency
  • (b) Economy
  • (c) Effectiveness
  • (d) Equity
  • (e) Sustainability
  • (f) Transparency, and
  • (g) Accountability

In order to achieve the objectives of the Department of Public Accounts, the roles and responsibilities of the respective Divisions are as below:

Treasury Management Division (TMD)

  • Manage the Government Consolidated Fund account through efficient cash management.
  • Receive and account all grants and loans made to budgetary bodies by a foreign government or any other body or person including recoveries of loan principals and other receipts.
  • Authorize opening and use of bank accounts by the budgetary bodies.
  • Review and revise the procedures for operation of the Government bank accounts.
  • Issue of public securities such as treasury bills for cash management and to maintain credit balance in the Government Consolidated Fund Account.
  • Reconcile and prepare reports of grants, loans, trust and endowment funds, and other receipts & payments for the consolidation of Annual Financial Statements.
  • Liaise with the Royal Monetary Authority and other financial institutions for effective treasury management.

Fiscal Transfer and Monitoring Division (FTMD)

  • Set reasonable time frame for the release of budgetary and non-budgetary funds.
  • Review, revise and update fund release guidelines from time to time.
  • Review, verify and approve Budgetary Release Forecast (BRF) for the release of budgetary funds.
  • Timely release of non-budgetary funds.
  • Monitor the financial performance of budgetary bodies.
  • Reconcile the  externally funded projects and provide information on fund balance  to budgetary bodies and other stakeholders.
  • Represent the Department in project steering committees to ensure smooth implementation of the projects.

Accounts Division (AD)

  • Prepare  consolidated Annual Financial Statements for the Government.
  • Revise and issueFinance and Accounting Manual (FAM).
  • Provide clarifications and interpretations on the Finance and Accounting Manual.
  • Provide information on government expendituresto the relevant stakeholders.
  • Promote good financial management practices through PFM reform initiatives.
  • Operate Common Public Expenditure (CPE) Account for release of funds to non-budgetary bodies and State Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

Payment Management Services Division (PMSD)

  • Assess and carry out enhancements of the accounting and payment system of the Government.
  • Provide technical backstopping and conduct user trainings.
  • Carry out system integration with other relevant systems.
  • Monitor accounting transactions and provide required interventions.   
  • Validate party details and ensure security of the data.
  • Promote good financial management system and provide support to PFM reform initiatives.
  • Liaise with the Royal Monetary Authority and other financial institutions to ensure smooth payment and settlement process.

The Department of Public Accounts shall always strive to achieve its goals and objectives through promotion of high standards of professionalism in accomplishing the overall mandates of the Ministry of Finance.

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