Policy & Planning Division (PPD)


PPD Organogram

A. Roles & Responsibilities:

The Policy and Planning Division (PPD) is the policy arm of the Ministry of Finance. It is responsible for assisting the Ministry in developing policies and plans in the areas of fiscal and public finance. It is the focal agency for information and has broad roles and responsibilities.

Since the policy initiatives of MoF have cross-sector implications, the PPD has to deal with agencies of the government and beyond (international, private, corporate agencies/bodies).

The PPD is the central policy coordination agent for the Ministry. PPD assists departments and divisions carry out their specific mandates. The following are the broad responsibilities of the PPD of the Ministry of Finance:

1. Policy and Fiscal Framework- PPD coordinates and liaisons with other economic agencies to formulate reliable Framework to help the government make informed socio-economic decisions
2. Research and publication: PPD carries out researches on relevant issues and shares with the departments.
3. Committee meetings- PPD coordinates intra-ministerial meetings where decisions related to cross-sector issues of the Ministry are taken.
4. Situation analysis – PPD analyses contemporary issues and shares its findings with the ministry to help it take appropriate decisions.
5. Reports- One of core responsibilities of the PPD is to prepare relevant reports of the Ministry of Finance.

Units under PPD, MoF

Based on the PPD’s roles and responsibilities highlighted above, the officials of the PPD work under the three function-based units. Units are identified for the purpose of efficiently allocating specific roles to the individual PPD personnel. Duties and responsibilities of the personnel may change as and when deemed necessary.

a. Macro-economic and Fiscal Unit
Personnel identified to work with this Unit will be responsible for the tasks related to economic, fiscal and financial policies. The unit will also work with agencies of the government and other external agencies (international, private and others) particularly in the field of government’s fiscal policy, investment plans, taxation policies, foreign direct investment, debt policy, insurance, pension, monetary issues, etc.

It will be the unit’s responsibility to coordinate Macroeconomic Fiscal Coordination Committee (MFCC) and the Macroeconomic Framework Coordination Technical Committee (MFCTC) meetings periodically. Other PPD personnel will also be engaged with the Unit as the BPFFS is the main tool for fiscal policy planning and all PPD personnel have to be aware of it.

b. Environment and Social Unit
This Unit will be responsible for the tasks related to environmental, social and cultural policy issues. It shall handle issues related to good governance, poverty, agriculture, environment, disaster, gender, education and health.

This Unit shall also handle the Parliamentary issues and other issues which Hon’ble Lyonpo might desire to take up.

The Unit will be responsible for coordination and management of Policy and Planning Committee (PPCM) of the Ministry. All PPD personnel shall attend PPCM and the individual charge for conduct of PPCM meetings shall be delegated to PPD personnel on rotational basis.

c. Statistical, ICT & Media Unit
The statistical unit will be responsible for the inventory (maintain & updated) and analysis of socio-economic, fiscal and public finance data/information and provide data/information to other units within the PPD, whenever necessary.

It will be responsible for disseminating relevant socio-economic, fiscal and public finance data/information of the Ministry of Finance to other stakeholders and agencies (government agencies & others) whenever required.

The Unit shall also look after the tasks related to ICT for the Ministry and coordinate with ICT units of the departments to provide ICT services to the ministry, besides manning the Ministry’s website.

The Unit will also look after the tasks related to media and publicity and will be the focal agent for media related issues.

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