Public Notifications

Public Notifications issued by Ministry of Finance

Notification on Rename of PED (19-Dec-2016)

This it to inform that the erstwhile “Public Enterprise Division (PED)” under the Ministry of Finance (MoF) is now renamed as the “Investment and Corporate Governance Division (ICGD)” under the Department of Macroeconomic Affairs (DMEA), MoF. Therefore, all concerned are requested to refer any corresponding related to ICGD to the Director, DMEA.

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e-GP Logo Notification (4-Oct-2016)

The Public Procurement Policy Division (PPPD), Ministry of Finance has selected e-GP Logo through an open competition. The logo shall be in the public domain for one month from 4 October to 2 November 2016. If any individual/Organization has copy right issues or any other objection in relation to this logo, please contact Public Procurement Policy Division, Ministry of Finance at 336962 or email:

No disputes or complaints shall be entertained after 2 November 2016 after which the logo will be officially declared and used as the E-GP logo.

Description of e-GP logo:

The dark green power button sign ( ) symbolizes the electronic system of the Government Procurement, which will ensure e­ciency of work. The green colour symbolizes the environmental friendliness and continuity of the procurement system. The two green lotus leaves ( ), which take the shape of the palm of hands, symbolize the purity in the minds of both Government and bidders in discharge of the procurement functions. In case of any fraudulent practices, the red‑ame ( ), which over-archs the whole logo, will burn everything like the re that is unstoppable once started.The letters ‘e-GP’ on a white background symbolizes the transparent nature of the procurement.

Extension PIT Filing due date (18-Feb-2016)

This is to notify all the concerned taxpayers that the Personal Income Tax (PIT) filing due date for
Income Year 2015 has been extended till 15th March 2016.

Those taxpayers who are not able to file their PIT return electronically due to poor system
performance are requested to file manually. All the RRCOs will accept the manual submission of
PIT returns. Taxpayers residing away from the RRCOs can also file their PIT using the postal
services. However, returns must be sent through post before the extended due date to avoid

Further, all the PIT filers are requested to check their filing status. Tax returns with status shown as “draft” or “payment awaited” are requested to either file the return or make the payment within the
due date. If the returns are filed properly, the status will be shown as “filing complete”. No
separate acknowledgement will be sent to the filers.