Month: June 2015

Cancellation of Air Ticketing Quotation (24-June-2015)

This is to inform all the valid travel agents that the Ministry regrets to cancel the quotation advertised for the travel date scheduled from 4th July 2015-14th July 2015 to Seoul for Mr. Pema Tenzin and Mr. Sunit Kujur as the training is being post pond

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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Vacancy announcement for Chief Procurement Officers (23-June-2015)

Based on the RCSC’s approval, the MoF is pleased to announce two vacancies for Chief Procurement Officer (P1-A) under the Department of Medical Supplies and Health Infrastructure, Ministry of Health as follows:
1) One for Medical Supplies & Procurement Division, Thimphu.
2) One for Medical Stores & Distribution Division, Phuntsholing

Applicants with Bachelor’s Degree and Advanced Trainings in procurement or financial backgrounds (budget, accounts & audit) and experiences in relevant fields will be given preference for the purpose of short-listing and selection. Interview date and venue will be announced on this website after short-listing the candidates.

Interested in-service civil servants who meet the eligibility criteria under Section of the BCSR 2012 may apply in time. Application along with the following documents must reach the HRD, MoF, Thimphu latest by 10th July 2015:
1) Curriculum vitae (CSIS-generated copy)
2) Security clearance (valid copy)
3) Audit clearance (printed copy)
4) PE rating for the last two years (copy)
5) Certificates of merits/achievements, if any (copy)
6) NOC from applicant’s agency (non-MoF agency)
7) Academic/training certificates & transcripts (copy)

For any clarification, please contact the HRD, MoF at 333104/322268 (extension 105) during working hours.

(Offtg. Chief HR Officer)
Ministry of Finance

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