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PhD in macroeconomics and short-term program (11-Sept-2018)

The MoF would like to notify that the IMF Regional office for Asia and the Pacific (OAP) is inviting applications for PhD in macroeconomics and short-term program (macroeconomics seminars) under the IMF-Japan Scholarships. MoF’s employees who are interested and eligible as per the provisions of the BCSC-2018 can apply for the above scholarships.


Notice for Opening of Financial Proposal (7-Aug-2018)

The Central Coordinating Agency, Ministry of Finance, would like to inform all the shortlisted bidders that the evaluation of technical proposals for “Consultancy services for Strengthening the Effectiveness and Capacity of Internal Audit” has been completed. The Financial Proposals of the qualified firm(s) will be opened on the day, time and venue provided below.
Date: 17th August 2018
Time: 10:00 AM (BST)
Venue: Conference Hall, Department of National Budget, Ministry of Finance

List of the qualified firms:

Treasury Bills Auction Calendar (5-Jul-2018)

Auction of the Treasury Bills during the FY 2018-19 shall be held monthly on first Tuesday following the first Monday of the month. If the scheduled auction date falls on the Government holiday, it will be held on the following Tuesday. The auction of Treasury Bills as notified shall be effective from August 2018 until June 2019.