Month: July 2021

Press Release on Launch of electronic Government Vehicle Quota System (e-VQS). (05-July-2021)

The system of providing foreign vehicle quota was introduced in the 1980s, at a time when public transport, buses and taxis were almost non-existent. The main objective was to facilitate the import of foreign vehicles for public servants and to minimize the pressure on limited number of Government pool vehicles. It was also aimed at easing the mobility of the public servants while conducting their official duty and to standardize the import of foreign vehicles into the country.

The civil servants and public servants in P3 level and above are entitled for a vehicle quota, free of customs duty and sales tax exempted up to a ceiling of Nu.0.800 million after every 7 years of import. With the Pay Revision Act 2019 civil servants and public servants vehicle quota has been provided with an option of monetized amount of Nu.0.250 million or a monetized amount of Nu.0.350 million on purchase of an electric vehicle.

With the introduction of e-PEMS, the monetized amount for the vehicle quota has been directly credited to the beneficiary’s Bank account, however for the vehicle quota, the beneficiary had to bring along the original documents to avail the quota.

Starting from 1st July, 2021 MoF launches the online system called electronic Government Vehicle Quota System (e-VQS) to provide the vehicle quota online to enhance public service delivery and harness the advantages of digitalization especially during the pandemic situation. This is in addition to the following initiatives of the Government:

  1. e-PEMS (electronic Public Expenditure Management System),
  2. e-DATS (electronic Daily Allowance and Travel System),
  3. e-GP (electronic Government Procurement), and
  4. BETA Apps (BIT Estimated Tax Apps).

This is an important milestone towards embracing ICT to eliminate routine manual and clerical tasks. With the e-QVS in place, it is expected to greatly reduce administrative burden and improve public service delivery through reduced turnaround time.

The system has been developed in-housed, on an open source technology and deployed at the Government Data Center (GDC). The system is easy to use, as it has been developed in a simpler way keeping in mind the different level of users, it will cater to. The MoF will be updating the e-QVS from time to time, to respond to the rapid pace of change and technology to deliver greater effectiveness and efficiency. 

The electronic Government Vehicle Quota System (e-VQS) can be availed through


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Treasury Bill Auction Calendar for FY 2021-22 (02-July-2021)

Auction of the Treasury Bills during the FY 2021-22 shall be held monthly on first Tuesday following the first Monday of the month. If the scheduled auction date falls on the Government holiday, it will be held on the following Tuesday. The auction of Treasury Bills as notified shall be effective from August 2021 until June 2022.

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