ICT Division

A brief mandate, roles and duties of the ICT Division are as follow:

ICT Division Duties & Responsibilities

  • ICT Governance, Management and coordination (Management of all IT personnel, resources and operations of the organizations;)
  • ICT Planning and Budgeting for common ICT services.
  • Formulation and implementation of Information Technology and Knowledge management strategy to guide the organization’s future directions;
  • Planning and coordinating of cost-effective and better-quality procurement of information technology;
  • Ensures that the organization’s databases and application standards conform to the technical standards followed in the country; eGif Standard compliance.
  • Manage staff training in information technology and knowledge management.

ICT Division Supports

  • Support of change management practices and re-engineering initiatives related to ICT.
  • Manage and support network and web services;
  • Management of organization’s telecommunications network;
  • Advice on and support organization’s infrastructure and applications systems.
  • Support in Tender services related to ICT equipment’s/works.

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